Beer, Wine and Liquor Service
* A Full Complement of POS Features for Ice Cream, Yogurt
      and Frozen Dessert Stores
    * Embedded Operating System for Speedy, Efficient and
      Virus-Free Operation
    * SPT-4700 Terminal for Maximum Reliability

System Features & Options
                    *Self-Healing, Fully Data-Redundant Network
                    *Credit Card, PIN Debit & Gift Card Processing
                    *Integrated Inventory Control
                    *Integrated Labor Scheduling & Payroll

Software Features
                     *Product Scanning
                     *Up to 30,000 Products
                     *Mix and Match
                     *Not Found Plu
                     *Driver's License Birthdate Verification
                     *Available Loyalty Module
Back Office
                        PC Workstation, an optional component of a Reflection POS system, delivers reporting and management functions to a familiar Windows back office computer. PC Workstation integrates seamlessly into a Reflection POS system and continuously communicates with POS terminals to provide real-time reports.
Payment Processing
                        Electronic payment sales can be processed in a single step with an optional integrated payment appliance. Free gift card processing is available through selected processing partners. NCC Reflection - validated by an independent Qualified Security Assessor to meet or exceed PCI requirements for card payment processing.
       Validated by National Weights and Measures to meet requirements for integrated electronic scales.
Best-in-Class Peripherals
Cash Drawer
Other Peripherals & Options

Your Choice of Embedded POS or Windows Driven
Telequip T-Flex Coin  Dispenser

HOME OFFICE 205-655-1881  TOLL FREE 1-800-824-2187

                        Restaurant HQ provides centralized, web-based reporting and management tools to local, regional and national chains. Store data is automatically pushed to an  FTP site and report information is available within minutes after the POS system is closed.

    Thermal Receipt Printer