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Vehicle Weighing
Simple Attended In/Out
A vehicle In/Out application should not be confusing to use. While other applications can include so many rarely used features that the interface becomes cluttered and dysfunctional, Birmingham Toledo's In/Out application captures the fields that you absolutely need while leaving the "bells and whistles" as customizable options. We excel in the creation of custom attended solutions that execute on an IND560, IND780, or any Windows PC.

Simple Unattended In/Out
Whether using proximity card readers or RF tag scanners to identify vehicles, we can create a custom automated solution that maximizes productivity and minimizes human interaction.
Custom Requirements
Every customer has specific needs. We have experience integrating many different kinds of data capture logic and instrumentation. Take your scales to the next level with HD image capture from integrated IP cameras, electronic signature capture technology, remote printing, and auto tare capture.